October 26, 2012

Eugene Kelly - Older Faster

"Older Faster" is a song by The Vaselines founder, Eugene Kelly, on his 2003 solo album, "Man Alive". Opening with a wistful harmonica and slide guitar intro, "Older Faster" is a mellow song about settling into middle age, with a hint of lingering discontent: "Oh love has lost me now / Do you really need to know / And days fly past me now / Do you really need to know".

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October 19, 2012

Okkervil River - Song About A Star

"Song About A Star" is a track on indie rock band Okkervil River's 2003 album, "Down the River of Golden Dreams". It is an angst-driven rock song with bitter lyrics about being forsaken for a glitzy celebrity life: "He cut your strings so that he could float / Lit by lights, lifted by alcohol / Over acres of loving coast / Far away from your lonely ghost". Blending in strings, accordion and drums, "Song About A Star" offers a good sampling of Okkervil River's distinctive style of literate, folk-influenced indie rock.

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October 9, 2012

Nada Surf - Are You Lightning?

Today's song recommendation is "Are You Lightning?", a track on New York indie rock band Nada Surf's 2008 album, "Lucky". Lead vocalist Matthew Caws sings of a protagonist falling terrifyingly in love: "I see you in my sheets, I see you in my sleep / I see you with something that's funny I hear you I almost weep / I see you from my steps, you're walking up my street / But just look at the size of you". "Are You Lightning?" is a mellow yet dynamic indie rock song, with slide guitar flourishes. In the last third of the song, "Are You Lightning?" builds up to a heavier rock sound, with ghostly coos entering into its haunting soundscape.

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October 3, 2012

Lambchop - The Distance From Her To There

"The Distance From Her To There" is a song by alt-country band Lambchop, on their breakthrough 2000 album, "Nixon". Mellow and dreamy, the song lulls the listener into its languid atmosphere created by pedal steel, horns and vibraphone.

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October 2, 2012

The Thrills - I'm So Sorry

"I'm So Sorry" is an uptempo track from Irish band The Thrills' 2007 album, "Teenager". Starting off with a pensive and slightly anxious blend of harmonica and piano, the song is about a reluctant departure: "I took a train there then another somewhere / 'cos you were on my mind". In the later half of the song, "I'm So Sorry" accelerates in tempo; drums become more prominent and electric guitar gives voice to the pangs of separation. Singer Conor Deasy's voice soars as the protagonist promises a reunion: "I know you'll worry / I won't return, you worry / I might get lost, but I'm lost if I stay here / But I'll return like a river running home"

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October 1, 2012

Hefner - The Librarian

Hefner were a UK indie rock band led by singer-songwriter Darren Hayman, that earned cult credentials for their lyrical storytelling and original brand of folk and electronic influenced lo-fi rock. "The Librarian" is a track from Hefner's 1998 debut album, "Breaking God's Heart" and was one of the band's first character-driven songs. A guitar-and-drums-driven song, "The Librarian" tells the story of a protagonist harbouring a dark and hopeless obsession with a librarian: "Her beauty has not truly been seen till her beauty's been seen by his tired eyes / Her tears have not truly been dried till her tears have been dried on his tattered shirt sleeves"

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