What's all this then?
This is a blog to showcase my favourite pedal steel-featuring songs, most of which tend to be alt country music (I have not quite yet cultivated a patient enough ear for country music). I've always had a weakness for pedal steel; hearing its whine in a song can make me cringe a little, but in a good way. I am not knowledgeable in music theory and don't really know how to define the pedal steel sound. In fact, I'm often fooled by strings, a keyboard or a wailing guitar into wondering (and hoping, for it would really raise the appeal of the song for me by a notch) if it was pedal steel I heard. But, whenever I hear the real, shivers-down-the-spine, deal, it's usually unmistakable.

Blog policy
I hope other pedal steel lovers can discover more songs that they might like on this blog. To kick start the blog, I will share my existing favourites to build up the library of songs, but my long-term and ongoing aim is to update the blog more organically, by sharing pedal steel finds in recent song releases. And of course, some of these discoveries might be from old songs, as I certainly have not heard all of pedal steel yet :) The most important criterion for posting a song on this blog is that it must be enjoyable to listen to (imho), and not merely feature pedal steel. Also, I do intend to post up songs from time to time that do not feature pedal steel, but which I feel would really appeal to fellow pedal steel aficionados (think: alt country, harmonica, strings, violin). Such songs won't be tagged as "pedal steel", so as not to create confusion.

Finally, I'd like to accompany each song recommendation with an immediate way to listen to it, for example, an embedded YouTube or SoundCloud or Archive.org link. My song descriptions only aim to encourage visitors to try the song for themselves :)

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